Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Headed to France for the New Boat

Well the time has finally come after months of preparations.  We leave tomorrow for France to pick up Midnight Sun II.  Its now been about 5 months since we committed to this, and somehow it seems like I have been working on some aspect of the planning every day. 

Whether its been figuring out what tools, spares and emergency equipment we need; routes, ports to stay in; weather planning; software purchases and upgrades.........the list goes on!
Packing the Pallet to ship to France

But its finally time to go.  We leave tomorrow morning, flying Pensacola-Miami-Lisbon-Nantes, then a 2 hour drive to La Rochelle.  Sounds like an exhausting day just typing it out.

We have a tentative plan on our itinerary - but wow, so many variables!  Will the pallet get there? Will the boat be on schedule?  will everything work?  What will the sea trials show as issues?

And of course there is weather - I think the most challenging part of the trip could be the crossing of the Bay of Biscay - not the most pleasant od seas at this time of year.

So we have spent a couple of days packing, re-packing.......trying to get 3 months of stuff into limited baggage.

........and there's more to get into something!

Well time for rest - we leave tomorrow.........or maybe a scotch......just one more!

Watch this space for more updates as we head out on our way!

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