Thursday, January 3, 2019

Happy New Year from Crew of Midnight Sun III

January 3, 2019

Time is marching on and we are now in Cascais....or should I say still in Cascais.  As expected, the
boat/marine industry closes down for a few days around New Year and this is the spot where we need to get our first engine services.  So we anticipated being here for a few days.  We now have 7 people on the boat - which is a little tight, but we are coping just fine.  In addition to engine service, we need a couple of other repairs that have cropped up, including some window leaks, adn a chafe issue on our first reef line.  We also have a broken line clutch - but that was due to operator error.....but still needs to be fixed. We are anticipating technicians to arrive this morning....or well, some time today - this is europe!

Cascais is beautiful mid-sized tourist town.  In the center, there are dozens of "touristy" restaurants. 
So yesterday, we took a train ride to Belem - partly in search of some boat items, and partly just to explore.  on our return we found a wonderful "off the beaten track"restaurant called Terroso (Rua do Poco Novo).  We had a great meal - the place was the size of a front room and definately "family run" with mama doing the cooking.  but great food and wines.

Of  course, I should also mention that on New Year's Day, we did go for a day sail on the boat as the wind was light and we wanted to try out the Code Zero sail that had been made for us by Schurr Sails, Pensacola.  The sail fits great, and flew well.  In very light wind we were making 4 kts in 6 kts of wind and about 7.5 in 10 kts of wind.  So this will be a great addition (we hope) for the main Atlantic crossing.  Thank you Hunter Riddle (Schurr Sails) - nice job!

Thank you to everyone that sent us New Year messages via email, what'sapp, inReach etc.  Its always great to hear from friends, adn from the entire crew of Midnight Sun III:

Happy New Year!

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