Monday, April 8, 2019

Dominican Republic Leaves a Sour Taste

As a quick post script to my last post - we left the DR the  day before yesterday and sailed to the Bahamas.  Leaving Luperon was an awful process.  First - Luperon has some additional fees that we were not informed about or asked for in other ports.  This amounted to $10/person and $10 for the boat.  Not a big deal, but I suspect these were not "required".

Arrival Bahamas
Then, when we came to check out we were helped by an official ( I think he was plain clothed police).  He was with the Navy (Armada), had a badge, adn spoke good english.  He asked if I would do him a favor and take him on the dinghy to get a photo of a new boat that had arrived in the harbor.  After checking out with all the agencies, I did this.  He arrived with 2 DEA officers (with guns and badges).  We went by dinghy to the boat he needed a photo of, then he said the the DEA needed to see my boat.  They boarder the boat, asked to see any guns or drugs.  We had prescription drugs.  Then one guy asked to look around.  As he was looking the police guy said "I can see you are good people and don't want any hassle.  How about you give this guy a tip and I will make sure they leave.  Otherwise, I think they will want to go through everything...."  $20 later and a dinghy ride to the dock, they were happy and gone.....and we left post haste.  I don't think we will be in a rush to return to the DR.

Matthew Town - glad to be here!
We sailed on to the Bahamas - Matthew Town.  What a difference!  George was happy to see us (dockmaster).  And the officials extremely friendly and polite!  We are glad to be in the Bahamas!

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