Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

We have had a busy Christmas!  We transported the boat to Brunswick (via road) in preparation for our trip.  The boat is currently getting new bottom paint before being re-launched.  We spent a couple of days working on recommissioning.  The mast is back on the boat, the arch is in place.  So we are getting closer!

As of now, our plan is to finish commissioning in early January, make a few test sails to be sure everything is working, then set off on our trip sometime around mid January.  The trip is now starting to feel like "its real".  I must admit that transporting a boat is a very stressful experience!  I am looking forward to having her back in the water and making sure that all systems are functional again.

Here's a short video of her being transported across I-16 in Georgia.