Thursday, February 26, 2015

Friends - its been quite a while since I updated this blog.......wait a minute, I think I started with that statement in my last post.  Unfortunately this is true.  When I started this blog, it was intended to be a means to keep friends and family up to date with our adventure.  It seems to have been a good media to do that.  Although I have not had many direct comments posted to the blog, I have had many emails and friends in the bar that have said "I remember when you posted xxx on your blog....."  I have also made a few good "online" sailing friends that have stumbled upon this blog and responded to me.

In my last update, I gave a summary of the final leg of our cruise, and without re-capping that, the latest update is that we have a new home on the water close to Pensacola.  We love the place and are fortunate to have a slip for the boat in our back yard.....quite a rare find in this part of the world.  There is a long story associated with that, but I will leave that out of the blog and focus on the sailing........

Speaking of which, I just returned from a week-long "Guys Trip" to St. Marten and surrounding islands.   This was our third annual guy's trip and it was a great success.

No - not our boat....just one we liked!

Well...this one was not ours either..just one we really liked!

Anyway, as you can see, a good time was had by all! - quite a few drinks were had that night after sailing in 12-ft. seas and a stiff breeze.

Back to the Gulf area - we have had the pleasure of meeting and making many new friends through our membership at 2 yacht clubs in the area.  This has also allowed us to gain valuable "local information" on the many local protected bays and anchorages in our new weekend cruising grounds.  For example, Ft. McRee, Ingram's Bayou, etc. just to name a couple.  We have had an excellent time at PYC Raft-ups, including one that was held just over a week ago, when we got a really well-needed good weather window.
Shooting the breeze!

Sunrise at Ft. McRee - a beautiful protected anchorage

Salty approves!

So for now, I think the "weekend cruising" life really works.....I know that I will be getting itchy feet to set off on another cruise before too long.  I do get envious when I talk to folks that are about to set off on a cruise!

Next week, I am planning to catch up on a few maintenance items that have come up - the most major being an air conditioner that seems to have a seized compressor........that will either be a fun learning experience, or a fairly large check.  Right now I am leaning towards the learning experience.  Its also time for oil changes, new impellers, some minor gel coat work, and a rigging check/re-tension.  Yes, that does sound like a lot more than one weekend!....but that is boat ownership.  Hopefully I can knock a couple of items off the list!

That's all for now, I will update when I have something new to report, or something that I think may be of interest.