Saturday, September 11, 2021

September 2021 Update

Hello Friends!

I have not written very much on my blog this year.  That is largely because the emphasis of the blog is our sailing adventures and we have not had as much of an opportunity to sail as we would like.  Unfortunately, this has largely been due to family commitments and (see prior post)  and unexpected illness and trip to England.

Most of our close friends are aware that Janet's father, Donald Clough passed away following a relatively short but severe time knowing that he had terminal cancer.  We are thankful that Janet could be there during his illness to help out with care and other things.  I joined her and we were able to stay and attend the funeral and help family with other arrangements etc.  Don will be remembered by his family and many as a wonderful man, and he will certainly be missed.  He helped so many people - especially his family with virtually any project they took on.  He was very active in his former military regiment - The Royal Tank Regiment, and many of his friends and comrades attended his funeral. 

Donald Clough - known to Grandkids as "Tick-Tock"

As for us - we  brought the boat back home before heading to England.  We have made a few weekend trips locally but no major trips since our return.  Recently, we have been watching the Gulf carefully for tropical activity.  Tropical Storm Fred went to our east and Hurricane Ida thankfully to our west.  While the forecasters are talking about an active late season - I sure hope they are wrong!

We are planning to join our best friends Larry and Tracy at the Annapolis Boat Show in October and help them bring their boat "TraSea" back south.  Here's a link to their progress!

Location of TraSea

And after that, well we are in the process once again of writing new plans in the sand at low tide!.....recognizing the need to be flexible in times when we have significant unknows such as Covid and a period of what seems to be more extreme weather events.