Friday, October 30, 2015

Pensacola to Cuba Race - - starts Tomorrow (Oct 31)

We are currently in Pensacola Yacht Club, ready to set off for Cuba tomorrow at around 8 am.  The crew is excited if not just a little apprehensive.  We will have 6 on board.  For anyone  interested in tracking our progress, there are a few options:

  1. Use our DeLorme ling by visiting 
  2. To see all the boats in the race, go to
For some reason we are not showing up on Kattack, but we hopefully will by tomorrow

Friday, October 23, 2015

Headed for Cuba!

They say that making a public declaration of something on your "bucket list" is the best way to make it happen.  Well here goes - we are headed for Cuba!

Behind the scenes, we have been working on getting the approvals in place to participate int he Pensacola to Havana race, commencing Oct 31, 2015.  Well today we got the final approval needed the USCG Permit to Enter Cuban Territorial Seas.  We had a crew meeting tonight and we are committed to go!

CUBA here we come!

Watch this space for updates

Our Tentatively Planned Route

Also see the official race website at

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Wonderful Summer on the Gulf, and Lost Bay Regatta

It's been a wonderful summer here on the Gulf of Mexico.  We feel so so very fortunate to have found such an amazing place that suits the lifestyle that we enjoy.  I could write many things about this area, but on one hand I am a bit hesitant..... I know this blog has a few readers (not thousands), and I would hate to be responsible for a "mass invasion" of this amazing area!!  when I talk to neighbors, they all ask "how did you find this area", and secretly, I have come to know that what they mean is "how did you find out about this well kept secret haven't told others have you?"  So I can't be the one responsible for spoiling it!  The answer that I always give to that question is "we sailed here", and that actually seems to be an answer that provides some immediate credibility, since most of our friends in this area are associated with boating and or are active boaters or sailors in some way shape or form.

So what makes this area so unique?  First and foremost I have to say it is the friendly people in the area, and secondly the wonderful boating waters we have found in very close proximity to where we live.  The people we have met have welcomed us into the community and have included us in  the many water-centered activities in the area.  This has included: regular "happy hours"; raft-ups at local anchorages; weekend and multi-day boating trips to neighboring gulf-coast areas; local regattas; and invitations to generally join in with anything going on in the community.

I feel remiss that I have not kept up with the blog this summer - but it has been such a busy summer combined with that four letter word that gets in the way of fun  - yes W@RK...(sorry to use the "W" word).

Anyway, by way of a summer catch up, I thought I would post just a few photos of a few key activities from here on the gulf, together with brief captions.  AND  if you are reading this post, please look out for the next post which I promise to be more exciting for those interested in adventure and sailing.  our next adventure will hopefully commence on or about October 31.....more details in the next post to this blog.

Fort McCree Wildlife

Sunset at Ft. McCree

Well - this just says it all!

A visit from friends on TraSea - in our canal

First Mate "Salty" - with his smiling face!

Dolphins on the "Lost Bay"

Scenes from the Lost Bay Regatta

And below are some scenes from the 2015 "Lost Bay Regatta", hosted by Point Yacht Club, and heavily attended by friends from Pensacola Yacht Club.

Friends assemble for Sunday Brunch (Pt. YC).

You may well ask "what is he is doing??"  This is the famous "Spoon Man" - yes, he is playing spoons with the band, and the red item really is a microphone!

Captain Larry and Admiral Tracy - receive prize for third place!  We were crew.

Arcadia - closing in on us!

Chasing the "pack"

And a great weekend was had by all......on the "Lost Bay"