Sunday, February 14, 2016

A New Mast Arrives!

Finally!  A has arrived.  After a couple of premature delivery promises from US Spars, the mast did arrive.  Upon unpacking, our rigger, Rick Zern did discover that there are a couple of "vital parts" missing....such as spreader bars.  But hopefully these can be sent quickly via Fedex.  If I hear they have to come from France, I will not be a happy camper!

Anyway - here it is!
Mast and new lines



Mast (from the masthead)

So now we are hoping that things will really move into "high-gear" and we will get Midnight Sun II back in the water soon.  Let's see! - watch this space!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Waiting for a Mast

Days seem to pass by slowly when you are really waiting on something.  Very slow, when you really don't have any idea how long it will be.........well the good news is that our rigging expert, Rick, told said the mast should be here this week (written January 28, 2016). So fingers crossed. In the conversation, there was a "maybe next week", which was worrisome.  I must admit that I am very anxious to see it and will be relieved when it arrives as this seems to now be the "critical path" in getting Midnight Sun II back where it belongs - in the water!

Once the mast arrives I am hoping things will move into a higher gear with progress.  So far, the bottom has been painted and non-skid on the decks repaired/painted.  This was largely cosmetic.  One interesting note on this - I have had the bottom cleaned regularly by a well-respected diving firm in the local area.  After each cleaning, the diver submitted a brief report with his invoice, noting "10 plus dime to quarter size blisters on hull".  I have questioned him several times about this as I had never seen a blister when the boat had been hauled previously.  Well guess what - no blisters

When the new mast arrives, it will take several days to "build" as all the accessories will need to be attached and the standing rigging assembled prior to lifting it in place.  I am hoping to be around to see that!

In the meantime, we purchased a little "run about" boat that we have been having fun with despite the cold weather.  No, we have not gone to the Dark Side and become power boaters.....but I must admit it is fun to just set off and go.

Salty loves the beach....did I tell you that Salty loves the beach?

Here he is digging for crabs.  At least that's what I think he is doing or he thinks he is doing.  Much to my surprise, he has on occasion dug out some pretty big ones.  But this hole did not reveal any.  Still, it looks like fun!

Hmm.....sandy Salty - what fun.  He will smell like the ocean tonight.

Sunrise over Perdido Bay.  What a wonderful sight - I am so happy to be here.  I use this tree stump as my local tide monitor.  Tides are a great mystery to me in this area - I grew up with 2 tides per day, Very predictable and with a large range (sometimes greater than 20 ft).  Here, one tide per day and wind conditions have much more of an influence than the tide itself.  Anyway, this one is low, but it does go a little lower with a strong north wind.

Post-Script Note - It is now February 7 and no mast.  I will be making phone calls Monday!