Saturday, December 4, 2021

Edisto Beach to Brunswick, GA

Well I have got behind on the blog, but felt I needed to close up this trip.  The last leg consisted of a couple of short hops.  Edisto Brach to Hilton Head, then Hilton Head to St. Catherine's Island, and then on to Brunswick, GA.

We had good weather for the remainder of the trip.  We stopped in Hilton Head and were able to get an Uber to the Laundromat and catch up on the essentials.


British Open Pub - Hilton Head

St. Catherine's Island

St. Catherine's was one of the more picturesque stops on the route.  Still very "low country" and marshy, we anchored close to the island and took a nice dinghy ride and  beach walk.  tHe island shores had some spectacular drift wood and weathered trees.

We even saw some nesting Bald Eagles close to the shore!  What an awesome sight!

Brunswick, GA

It was a short sail to Brunswick - the final stop on this trip.  Larry and Tracy have decided to leave SV TraSea here until January so they can get on land and await the arrival of new grand-baby.

Brunswick Landing is a great staging marina - very well protected and has great facilities with many live-aboards or transients waiting out the seasons.  We did get to see the last stages of the salvage operation from a sunken cargo ship that was transporting new cars and sunk on the harbor entrance

Brunswick Light

Salvage Operations
Special equipment used to cut the ship using a large chain

We had a wonderful time the past 5 weeks or so with Larry and Tracy.  Thank you for your hospitality and of course always - your great friendship!