Sunday, June 7, 2020

More Progress with our Sailing Videos - Atlantic Crossing!

Latest Video of our Atlantic Crossing Series

Covid lockdown has given me a little more time to work on the video series from our Atlantic crossing.  I really want to get this entire trip chronicled as soon as possible.

Well I am happy to report that I just completed Episode 8 of the series which takes us from Antigua to the Bahamas.  Here is a link to the lastst video in the series.

And if you are interested in viewing the entire 8 episode series.  Here is a link to the Playlist.  i think it will take one, possible teo more episodes to complete the documentation of the trip back to "Sweet Home Alabama"......hopefully I can keep up the motivation and complete that within a couple of weeks!  However, i am planning a sailing trip to that might add a delay!

Here's a link to the 8 Episode Playlist:

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