Monday, October 3, 2022

Progress - The Lightning Strike

 Well it is now October - time flies when you are having fun with boats.......NOT!


I am happy to report that after a very slow start with the boat's evaluation etc, progress is being made.  The list of things that were affected ont he boat continued to climb for some time.  Perhaps the most worrying was the engine ECUs that Yanmar originally said were "not available".....Maybe available next year!  I found it hard to believe there were not 2 ECUs sitting in a warehouse somewhere - and that proved to be correct after reaching out to friends in the industry and calling or emailing many Yanmar distributors in the USA, Bahamas, and Europe, I did finally locate 2 units.

Other electrical and electronic items were on baack-order, but I think we are finally getting most of the critical items in and installed.  The one big outstanding item is the freezer - yes the freezer went bad and after leak detecting etc., it was found that the plate was leaking somewhere, and was completely enclosed and not practically serviceable.  In fact removing the freezer was not possible without damaging either the freezer or cabinet.  So we have elected to cut out the freezer completely and replace with a 2-drawer unit...........which is back-ordered!

The mast is being removed this week to allow re-wiring.  I think it was a close call between re-wiring on the boat or removing the mast.  Our trusted rigger recommended removal for a more complete inspection and thorough job.  So the mast will  be off mid week.

Electronics - yes, everything replaced.  Usually this is a good time for an "upgrade", but MS3 was pretty up to date.  So I think we will have basically the same B&G setup, but the chartplotter apparently has a faster processor, and I have addded remote control for the autopilot.  Other majot items include:

  • New battery chargers throughout (3 units) - I have gone with Victron with Bluetooth interface
  • New batterty/tank monitoring system - basically a replacement of the original.
  • New solar controllers - same system, Victron
  • Bilge pumps
  • Condensate pumps for AC units
  • Some internal lighting
  • Masthead lights and anemometer
  • Altenators
  • DC voltage regulator on Generator
These are just the major items - its certainly not a complete list.  Fortunately structural damage was negligible - of course the lightening had to exit the boat and this can be a big problem with the possibility of through-hull fittings blowing out.  Thankfully this did not happen, but we have found a couple of very small areas where gelcoat appears to have blown off the hulls (1/4 in sized); while these were not leaking, I think this is where the charge exited the boat.

Keeping Busy

Meanwhile - we have not been sitting idle.  We have had a lot of things going on.  On the personal front, we have been dealing with some medical issues - yes, getting old sucks!   So if you are reading this and are one of those people saying "I just have to work 3, 4, 5 more years......." keep all of that in mind.  You may be able to predict your retirement wealth (well maybe not in this current crazy market.........but I challenge you that you can't predict your future health!  
Janet has had her rotator cuff repaired; and I am in the middle of some dental work.

We have also been messing with British cars, helping our son fix up his house after a water leak, and  helping out with the anula Lost Bay Regatta at point YC - which was a wonderful success!
Caterham  - runs like a rocket!

Panhandle British Car Association  - Rideshare Day

Lost Bay Regatta - Perdido Bay/Point YC

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