Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Repairs and Video Update


As I write this post, Midnight Sun III is currently in the Pensacola Shipyard getting final repairs completed.  To be honest, I have made the lions share of the repairs (other than mast and rigging) myself while waiting on a space at the shipyard.  Everything has been backed up because of Hurricane Sally.  We are very grateful to Rick Zern and the guys at Zern Rigging for getting the mast and rigging work done.  Awesome job guys - as always!  Also, a big thanks to Hunter Riddle at Schur Sails - another local Pensacola firm that does first class work at a reasonable price.

Final items include painting the bottom (antifouling), wet sanding/polishing a few remaining scratches on he starboard hull, and detail cleaning/polishing the topsides and hulls.  

Of course we have had several rain days sine she was hauled out - but we are hoping for a speedy turnaround by the yard and our contractor - Perdido Sailor!  So the pressure is on Brandon.....its all up to you now!

Our Plans for 2021

Of course with the ongoing Covid situation, our plans are even more certain to be "written in the sand at low tide" - meaning subject to change and revision.  I know that many of my blog readers are in Europe and other parts of the world, but the situation here in the US is far more.........well I hesitate to say better, but certainly more "nonchalant" than other parts of the world.  Comparatively, we have few restrictions on travel within the US, and facilities are certainly open and available.

That said, our current plans are to leave -hopefully later in March and head south around Florida then across to the Bahamas.  From there, we will likely head back to the US East Coast (Maybe June) and head north for Hurricane Season.  I hesitate to put this in writing, because I just know that things will likely change.  But as of now - that's the plan.  I will keep you posted, but we are getting excited to hopefully be underway soon.  Now that does mean we have a LOT of preparation work to do in the next month.  So wish us luck!!

Video Update

I have finally finished the video series on our Atlantic Crossing from La Rochelle France to Josephine, Alabama!  This has been quite a project, but the entire trip including our planning and preparations now form 9 episodes that are uploaded to YouTube.  The final part - Episode 9 covers the Bahamas to home.  Since we have come through the Bahamas several times and since this was the last leg of our trip, we  passed through fairly quickly but did manage to stop at a few places that we had not had a chance to visit on previous trips.

Please check out the final episode at: 

If you would like to see the full series of videos, please check out the following link:

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