Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Repairs continue - so Learning Drone

 Repairs Continue

Midnight Sun III continues to be repaired at Pensacola Shipyard.  The main issue is the repair of cosmetic scratches in the gel coat from Hurricane Sally.  While we were fortunate to sustain no structural damage, the boat was hit by many roofing shingles that were blown off our house roof.  Well that will not happen again - we now have a metal roof!.  The shingles did not pierce the gel coat bet left many shallow scratches.  These are being wet sanded or compound polished out prior to re-sealing the surface.  Its proving to be a slow painstaking process - but the finished areas look like new again.  We keep getting told "two more weeks"........we shall see.

So this has put us behind schedule with our plans to leave for the Bahamas, but we have not given up on that hope yet.  Needless to say I am monitoring progress every couple of days and itching to get her back in the water!!

In the meantime....

Drone Flying

Yes, I do have one of those annoying Drones.  I have been wanting to film sailing shots with it for the past year but have not had the confidence to fly it over water - so yes, that is a major issue.  Well I have been practicing and built up more confidence.  This weekend members of Pensacola Yacht Club came over to our area and we had a party and raft-up. - Yes, everyone here is about over the whole Covid thing.  Foolish - well who knows, we will see.  Fun - Yes!  So I took the opportunity to do some drone filming and made a short video.

Check it out! 

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