Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Spanish Wells and Eleuthera

Spanish Wells

It was time to head to Spanish Wells.  We had a great sail from Little Harbour, Abacos to the anchorage at Royal Island.  

Royal Island is a very protected anchorage from all directions, but there is really nothin to do there.  There is a dock providing access to a private resort, but we did sneak Salty ashore for a short walk.

The following day we made the short hop to Spanish Wells.  Yacht Haven was fully booked as a blow was predicted, but we got lucky and found 2 slips with Johnny Underwood at 50 c /ft. mono and 75c /ft. cat.  Probably the deal of the century in the Bahamas,  He also provided us with a golf cart for a small fee!

We had been having problems with our masthead light and a trip up the mast revealed the problem.
Spanish Wells from the Masthead

Water in the Light

This is the second Weems and Plath light to go bad in less than a year!  I called them and we are getting another replacement shipped - but clearly they have a design issue!

Waiting out the blow, we visited Budda's place - well its a liquor store, with bar added, with food truck added.  Its a pretty cool, must  stop!

Low Tide looking towards Devil's Backbone

After our stay in Spanish Wells we left exiting through Current Cut to North Eleuthera and the Glass Window Bridge.  it was a bumpy ride but well worth it!

We had a very pleasant night at Glass Window, visiting the Bridge and Queens Baths.  Both are certainly well worth the visit with spectacular views and waves crashing in from the Atlantic side.

Queens Baths

Larry at Queens Baths

Salty overlooking Queens Baths

Salty had a blast but wanted to walk the narrow slippery paths - so we watched from a ridge overlooking the Baths.


We continued south down the full length of Eleuthera with overnight stop at Alabaster Bluff and Davis Harbour Marina on the very southern tip.  We attempted Hatchet Bay Harbour, but with large swells and 20kt cross winds, I must admit that I chickened out going through the 70 ft wide channel between rock walls!

We really enjoyed Eleuthera and will be back for a longer visit.   We rented a car to sightsee and collect our daughter Hannah from north Eleuthera airport for a week-long visit.

Alabaster Bluff

Entrance to Davis Harbour Marin

Davis Harbour was another narrow entrance between rock cuts, but not as intimidation as Hatchet Bay.  We had conflicting depth into, but saw nothing less than around 6 ft an hour or so after low tide - so all was good!

On exiting (again,  we were at low tide), we had no problems with our 4.5 ft draft.  Our buddy boat Tra-Sea had a soft touch in the cut at low tide (draft 5'-9"), but all was good!

We had a glorious sail over to the Exumas coming into the Exuma bank at Waderick Wells Cut and spending 2 great nights at the Exumas Land and Sea Park.

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